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About Us

Avex Classics International, Classical, Re-imagined

Whether it’s bringing cinematic masterpieces to life by placing soundtracks front and centre or producing original theatrical and musical content, Avex Classics International is at the cutting edge of live classical entertainment.

Our mission is to create, innovate and facilitate exciting and engaging experiences for artists and audiences alike. Established in 2014, Avex Classics International is a division of Japan’s leading entertainment business, Avex Inc.

Maggie O'Herlihy
Maggie O'HerlihyHead of Europe and the Americas
A bit of a Serena Williams on the court with a backhand like no-other, Maggie founded ACI’s London office and leads its ventures worldwide.
Hiroko Porter
Hiroko PorterAccounts
Whilst crunching the ACI numbers, Hiroko can be found moshing to the sound of Radiohead, The Libertines and Foals. Her eclectic taste in music is equally reflected in Hiroko’s uber cool fashion-sense; ACI’s answer to Anna Wintour!
Pierre O'Reilly
Pierre O'ReillyCreative Producer
Irish, French, French, Irish? We’re still trying to solve that one. Pierre is our in-house composer who, along with developing new and bespoke projects for ACI, oversees all things multimedia.
Katy Cavanagh
Katy CavanaghAssistant Operations Manager
The youngest member of the team and hailing from the dizzying latitude of Manchester is our Katy. A keen fiddle and oboe player, and avid board-gamer, Katy brings to ACI a touch of Northern class.